May 24 2016

Thailand Trip Report – May 2016, Part 2

Thailand Trip Report – May 2016, Part 2


The rest of my time in Pattaya I went to the Sanctuary of Truth (look out for separate post soon), Big Buddha, a nice café on top of the Pattaya hills after Tambon at the Temple. All nights consisted of similar activities that would include, Walking Street, Soi Buakhao, Beach Rd, Many open air bars in various Soi’s and more Late Night Kebabs hahaha. I won’t go into the nightlife too much now (but will do a separate post soon), but will say great times were had, people were met, and “Bin’s” were paid. If you like to Party, Pattaya is the place for you.

I have to say the more I come to Pattaya, the more I enjoy myself there. It is very in your face and the Sex-trade side of things is very much alive in Pattaya, so if that is not your thing I would not go to Pattaya or you may be disappointed. The Pattaya beach is not a very nice beach although further out from shore you can find water activities like Jet skis, Parasailing, etc.. Jomtien Beach over the hill is a nicer beach if you are looking for somewhere to swim.

Leaving Pattaya my next stop was Phuket, where I was staying in Patong. Patong is like a second home to me and my favourite location in Thailand to travel to. Over the years I have made many friends all over Thailand but I have so many in Patong and enjoy catching up with them as much as I can. This trip was a first for me, where I caught a plane from Utapao to Phuket. The airport itself is very small and boring but it was a better option then driving to Bangkok then flying to Phuket. It cost me 1000B for a taxi from Pattaya to the airport but next time I will plan that a little better. I also have to say that on my last night in Pattaya I got food poisoning and it made the drive to the airport and the flight very unpleasant.

When I did eventually make it to my Hotel in Patong, the first thing I did was head to a Pharmacy to try and get something to help me. I have had food poisoning once before in Thailand and ended up in hospital. This time I was directed to a clinic where an English speaking Thai doctor treated me. I was put on a drip and given a shot to stop the vomiting. After 30 minutes I felt great again and was ready to get on with my holiday. It cost me just over 1000B but in my opinion it was better then feeling horrible wasting my holiday in a bed. I ate food an hour later and had no re-occurring symptoms.

Well where can I start? So many projects have started or been completed in Phuket and all have been improvements. In Phuket Town a small Underpass (Tunnel) has been completed to stop congestion at one of the main intersections. The project (widening) of the road on the hill from Kathu to Patong has been completed and now has two lanes for traffic to use with emergency break down bays available. Phangmueang Rd (Patong Hospital) drainage upgrade is completed and new high rise buildings are popping up everywhere. It was great as well, as footpaths were created instead of having to walk along the side of the road. This area is building rapidly as Patong expands for the growing number of tourists. I also did my usual Motorbike ride around the southern half of the Island, which included Lunch on Rawai Beach and found most of the road on the hill between Patong and Karon had been resurfaced and was much safer to ride on.

So Patong to me is just catching up with more friends and Partying again. I feel that I know Patong like the back of my hand so it makes it easy to navigate and get around on a Motorbike and always interesting to see what is new to the area. I spend a lot of time in OTOP drinking at some of the bar’s during the day. It is a great area to go and have a drink and not be hassled by the women like you would on Bangla Rd. It is also a good place to feed your inner child. You can relax at the bar with a cold beer while playing Connect 4 with the bar staff. Or pull out a game of Jackpot or try you luck with some Jenga. I have 2 regular Bars that I will drink at down there but there are so many to choose from. Also in OTOP it is a great chance to shop the Markets.

Patong has so much to offer, If you enjoy swimming by the beach, eating great food, Enjoying the nightlife or even just a good massage, then Patong is the place for you. The Sex trade can be a little in your face in Patong but there are ways are getting away from it all if that is what your prefer. On this trip I discovered a very nice Restaurant called “The Kitchen”, (located next to Tai Pan Disco). They had great western food and Thai food available at a great price. It always looked busy and after eating I could see why. Give it a shot next time you are in the area. I also have a couple favourite Indian restaurants I like to visit while in Patong. ICC (Soi Sansabai) and Badsha Indian food (Phangmueang Rd), also make sure I get a visit to Khon Kaen BBQ. Otherwise I will generally eat about anywhere, including eating the food from the carts.

My favourite part of Patong is the nightlife. I still enjoy going out for a big night on the down and having a few too many drinks and so do many others in Patong. Bangla Rd is where is all is. Nightclubs, Bars, Go Go Bars, Food. Women, Ladyboys, everything you may need for a good night out is at your fingertips .The new Soi Tiger is well up and going and the old Tiger is full and running again also. The old Hollywood Disco is now open as The VIP Room and Illusion, Tiger disco and Seduction are still going very strong and drawing large crowds. Soi Seadragon is where you want to go if you are looking for the Go Go Bars. There are also European Go Go beers still available. In the past Patong was visited by many Russian tourists, but there appears to have settled a lot over the past year. Now you will find large amounts of Chinese tourists in the area, which can be rude and pushy at time.

Unfortunately like all Thailand trips, they must come to an end. The final day was a very long day. I did not plan this holiday as well as I ended in Phuket but had a return ticket from Bangkok back home. So the final day involved an early morning to prepare for check out at 10, and for my taxi to arrive at 1030am. I then flew from Phuket to Bangkok, where I had to board my International Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur. The Phuket Airport has had construction underway the past couple years to build a new International terminal. I have to say that it is coming along very well and it is planned to open later on this year. It is a well needed upgrade that will at least double the current size and bring the airport to modern times. The next leg of the trip was Flying Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. I made a last minute change to this flight so ease the layover time. It was cheaper for me to book a new flight, rather than change the existing flight. This meant once I arrived at Kuala Lumpur I would need to proceed through immigration, collect my bag and check in for the final leg of the flight home.

The new KLIA2 was a lot larger than the old Airport. This airport incorporated flights from all airlines but separated the Air Asia flights to its own terminal. I was lucky I still had a 3 hour stopover as the entire process was quite long and went from one end of the airport to the other, and back again. The lines at immigration were not long but as people must give finger prints it can be a lengthy wait per person. I eventually go through, collected my bag and re checked it in for the final flight home. Like I said, this was a lengthy way to do it, rather than being able to use the Flight-transfer desk but still got to the terminal with over an hour to kill.

In conclusion this trip was well needed and saw a few new things this time around. I had a great trip and a great break away from reality. I will be back many more times to this this beautiful place and hope that I can inspire others to visit Thailand as a holiday destination so that you can experience the happiness I feel when there.

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