Oct 04 2015

Thailand Low Cost Airlines

Thailand Low Cost Airlines

Bangkok Airport

Well on my recent trip to Thailand I flew to a few different destinations with a few different low-cost airlines, so I thought I would do a write up on what I found from each of them.

So in Thailand you have the option of the “premium airlines” like Thai Airways and Bangkok Air that fly out of Survarnamhumi Airport in Bangkok. You also have the bigger low-cost airline options of Air Asia, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air, Thai Smiles and Orient Thai which fly out of Don Mueang airport in Bangkok. These airlines will get you anywhere where you need to go domestically within Thailand. I am a larger guy at 194cm tall so airplanes and I are not normally friends but I love Thailand so put up with it.

Air Asia Thailand

Air Asia – http://www.airasia.com

I have flown with AirAsia many time in the past and again on the most recent trip. In all I am very happy with their service, Flight options and crews but they are probably the most expensive of the ‘low-cost’ airlines. But Air Asia do have many other routes that other low cost airlines will not offer. There is no included checked baggage, no free seat selection and no snack/meal on board. You do have many options for in-flight services and take offs and landings have never been a problem. There is an option for getting Extra leg room (emergency rows) seats but this does come at an extra fee.

Thai Smiles Thailand

Thai Smiles – https://www.thaismileair.com

I would have to say by far the best of the Low-cost options. Thai Smile are not the cheapest option but well worth spending a little extra Baht. Thai Smiles, is the low-cost partner of Thai Airways. All flights include 20kg of checked baggage, free seat selection and a free snack during the flight. The leg room on the standard seats was much better than any other airline and staff and flight schedules are great. I will be using Thai Smiles as my first option in the future.

Nok Air Thailand

Nok Air – www.nokair.com

Nok Air is a very good low-cost airline and one of the cheapest. All flights come included with 15kg of checked baggage, free seat selection and a snack on board. When booking you have the option to add extra weight for checked luggage and now with Nok air and Scoot joining together there are more options for some international flights. Nok air often have sales but do not have such a many different flight times. Also you must present your Credit Card when checking it or you will not be allowed to board. Keep this in mind if you are booking a flight for someone else. If flying with Nok Air and need to hire a car, Nok Air can organise that at a cheap price also.

Thai Lion Air

Thai Lion Air – www.lionairthai.com  

Thai Lion Air are pretty new compared to other airlines but have some great deals for the low-cost traveller. Most of the time prices are much cheaper than other airlines and with 15kg checked luggage, free seat selection, a snack on board and 15kg free sporting equipment. Unfortunately there are not a large amount of destinations and if you want more the 15kg for checked baggage you will have to pay by the KG at check in.

Orient Thai Airways

Orient Thai Airlines – www.flyorientthai.com/en/

In my opinion it is not worth even looking at the Orient Thai website for flights. I have used them on 2 occasions and will never do so again. They do offer some good prices and free luggage etc, but all their Airplanes are old and outdated, the service is unfriendly and everything as a whole was unprofessional. On my latest trip with them, when entering the airplane, there was no air-conditioning. Thailand is hot enough without having to sit in a plane sweating. It was not until we had taken off and 15 mins into the flight before it become more comfortable. They a very small bottle of water was offered. I cannot stress more that there are much better options available.

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