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May 24 2016

Thailand Trip Report – May 2016, Part 2

Pattaya Lookout Thailand trip

Thailand Trip Report – May 2016, Part 2

The rest of my time in Pattaya I went to the Sanctuary of Truth (look out for separate post soon), Big Buddha, a nice café on top of the Pattaya hills after Tambon at the Temple. All nights consisted of similar activities that would include, Walking Street, Soi Buakhao, Beach Rd, Many open air bars in various Soi’s and more Late Night Kebabs hahaha. I won’t go into the nightlife too much now (but will do a separate post soon), but will say great times were had, people were met, and “Bin’s” were paid. If you like to Party, Pattaya is the place for you. read more

May 22 2016

Thailand Trip Report – May 2016, Part 1

Sabai Sabai Bar

Thailand Trip Report – May 2016 (Part 1)

So during May 2016, I went to Thailand for another holiday. This time I was visiting Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Instantly as you get off the plane you can feel that the heat is intense and I was wearing pants and a jacket at this stage. So first thing was to change into something cooler and then head off to the Hotel in Bangkok. Landing at Don Mueang there was no Sky Train available so off to the Taximeter rank, I find this the cheapest and easiest option, rather than a private transfer.

During the Taxi ride it was visible that there has been a lot of works going on to improve the Transport throughout Bangkok. The new rail line from Don Mueang has come a long way since September and looks like it may actually get completed. This Skyrail will join Don Mueang to the existing Skyrail BTS. There are also long term plans to create a Skyrail from Survarnabhumi to Utapao Airport (Pattaya/Rayong). Travelling along the Expressway you could also see works occurring to the areas around the Bangkok Train Station where more upgrades to the Thailand rail network are being completed. read more

Oct 11 2015

The Phuket Ride

Phromthep Cape

The Phuket Ride

Every time I go to Phuket I make sure I hire scooter so that I can get around easily and quickly. For a Honda Click (125cc) you will pay 200 – 300B per day and they do not use much fuel. The larger the motorcycle the more your daily rate will be. You will also be provided with a helmet, which should be worn at all time when on the Motorcycle. How to hire a Motorcycle in Thailand

Riding a Motorcycle in Thailand is very different to western countries in many ways. No matter how good you are at riding you may not be prepared for the riding in Thailand. The rules do not get followed, lanes and lines mean nothing and the Westerner is always at fault. In saying that if you feel safe enough to ride a Scooter, then go for it as it is great fun and a cheap form of transport read more

Jun 27 2014

Why Thailand for a Holiday

Thailand Smile

Well the very first reason you would choose to go to Thailand on a holiday would be that it is cheap. You can buy a beer for under $1AUD, a meal for around $3AUD and stay in a 5 star resort for around $100AUD a night. The most expensive part of the Thailand holiday are the international flights. But if you still to using the “No Frills” airlines you will find that they will display great specials for all months of the year. Domestic flights are also very cheap if you still to Air Asia, Nok Air when travelling in Thailand. read more

Jun 21 2014

My First Thailand Experience Part 2

Thailand Elephant Trekking

My First Thailand Experience Part 2

We woke up early with excitement as today was the day we would arrive in Phuket. Boxing Day 2003 will be a day I will never forget as it was the day I was introduced to Phuket. We had to get back to Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok in what felt like a very long drive in a Taxi. We were flying with Thai Airways once again but this time around was only going to be in economy. As a 194cm tall male the Economy class seats did not allow enough leg room, but thankfully it was only an hour flight.

We arrived at Phuket International Airport with a very different first impression to Bangkok airport. There was no bad smell, there was not as much chaos and the was clear blue skies. We had organised to have the Hotel provide Airport transfers and we were pick up in a Toyota Hi-Ace van. We were on our way to Patong where we were to spend 7 nights at Impiana Cabana Resort on Patong Beach. read more

Jun 20 2014

My First Thailand Experience Part 1


My First Thailand Experience Part 1

2003 was a year of ups and downs in my life. Early on in the year my grandfather passed away after breaking his hip and contracting an infection. That was a very sad time. My father and his family had to sell the family house of all their lives. In my grandfathers will he told my dad to take the family on a holiday to relax as he knew my parents we starting to save for a long needed holiday.

So my parents thought of the idea of going to the Gold Coast in Australia which we had visited on a couple occasions. After looking at prices it worked out cheaper to travel internationally to Thailand. This was going to be my brother and my first trip out of Australia. So off to get passports and prepare for a 3 nights in Bangkok followed by a week in Patong. At the time My brother and i were working at a McDonalds Restaurant and we had started to save as much spending money as we could before we left. I set myself to have $1000 by the time we left and happily reached that target. read more