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Thailand Sex Workers

There are many forms of “Sex Workers” throughout Thailand. These are Bar Girls, Go-Go Girls, Massage Girls and Freelancers. There is even a Niche for the Gay and Ladyboy sex scene. Not every woman in Thailand is a sex worker and the only reason they are in the P4P profession is to meet a guy to settle with or to make money to support their families. Bangkok is notorious for its Red Light Districts and Pattaya has adopted the name as Thailand's Sin City.

Bar Girls

A Bar Girl is a Sex worker that will work at a bar and whose main tasks are to attract customers to the bar. At the bar these girls with flirt, arouse, play games and do what they can to keep you spending money at the bar. Bar Girls will also go with customers for sex at a price. To take one of these beautiful girls from the bar you will be charged a Bar Fine. This money is generally 400– 1000 Baht (depending on the bar) and goes to the bar owner as you are taking one of their assets for a period of time. It is recommended you negotiate a price for the “services” you require with the Bar Girl prior to Bar Fining her. This money will go directly to the Bar Girl and becomes her wage. In some locations you can also find BJ(Blow Job) Bars, these girls are very similar to Bar Girls but generally stay in the bar. If you are looking for some daytime action a BJ bar is the place to go as they generally open around 11am.

Go Go Girls

A Go-Go girl is a woman who works in a Go-Go bar. A Go-Go bar is very similar to a Strip club but instead of paying for a private dance you can pay for sex. At most Go-Go bars you will be able to see a show on stage. These shows may be a ping-pong show, a lesbian show, a Bath show and sometimes a multi-girl show. These shows on a busy night will run every half an half. At these venues you can expect to pay more for the woman, but as they say “You get what you pay for”. Bar Fines do apply for these girls and can be higher than most Bar Girls. A lot of Go-Go bars will have rooms at the venue that can be used. Be careful in Go-Go bars as not all women will go with customers. Some girls are just there to serve drinks and others may be Coyote dancers. So if you find a girl you are interested in spending some more time with outside the bar, it is best to ask if you she can leave the bar with you. You will also see a older woman who works at the venue and will be able to speak good English. She will be called “Mamasan” and she is there to help you in choosing a your Go-Go girl and talking prices. If you have any questions she will be able to help.

Massage Girls

A massage girl is a girl who will work at a massage parlour that offers “Extra services” Although there are Traditional/family friendly massage parlours a lot will give you a “Happy Ending” at an extra price. You can also ask for your massage girl to come and spend the day/night with you but this will mean you have to pay the shop a fee or around 500B. You can also find many Soapy Massage or Body to Body Oil massage parlours throughout Thailand. Most of these establishments will have a Menu where you can choose what service you would like.

Freelance Girls

A Freelance girl is a woman who is just about any other girl that will accept money for sex. This would include a woman at a Nightclub, beer bar, on the side of the street, That girl who works at your hotel etc.. There is no Bar Fine for these girls but you will still be required to negotiate a price for you service.I will also mention here that there are also many Russian Sex Workers is Go-Go bars and as Freelancers throughout Thailand. They follow similar rules to the Thai Woman but will cost you a little more for their company.