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Price for Sex in Thailand

price for sex in thailandLove you long timeLove time or Short Time     

“I Love you Love Time” When “taking” a girl with you she will either come with you for a Short Time or a Long Time. A Short Time is where you go and have sex with the girl and part ways, thus making a Long Time an entire night. You can also organise for the girl to spend extended periods of time with you, but this should be discussed between the two of you.

Girl Friend Experience

Many men will travel to Thailand to have the Girl Friend experience with a Thai Bar Girl. This is where for the duration of your stay you will pay a Bar Girl to be your partner. You will get all the perks of being in a relationship while they are in your company. Of course you would have negotiated the terms and price prior to getting into this kind of arrangement.

Sex for Free

No Money, No Honey! Can I have sex with a Thai girl for free? The short answer is NO. It is called P4P (Pay for Play) for a reason. In Thailand (outside of the Tourist areas) Sex is something often saved for after Marriage, so the reason a girl wants to have sex with you is because she wants to earn money. Yes some of the girls have westernised and adapted to the western ways and things can change. But it is best to assume that you will be paying them fr there services.


Thailand Prices for sex





** Warning – prices are a rough idea of what is expected to be paid and can change**