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Ping Pong Shows and STD’s in Thailand

Ping Pong shows and STDs through Thailand

Ping-Pong Show


A must see for most people when in Thailand is a Ping-Pong Show. These can be found in all the tourist areas and free to enter… The free entry comes with a catch. If you are approached by a person holding a sign (Tout) and they escort you to the venue you will be charged a large price for your first drink . This price could be 500 or even 1000B.. The trick is to find the venue and enter without a Tout, but they are not well labelled and very hard to find. In these shows you will see something you have never seen before. Woman shooting Ping pong balls, darts, smoking cigarettes, housing fish or small birds as well as flowers and razor blades are some of the things you will see. These shows are put on by older Thai Woman and Tips are more than welcome.

STD’s and Aids

Many years ago STD’s and Aids were common throughout the Sex Trade in Thailand but over the years due to education the level of people with STD’s or Aids has reduced in large numbers. Most sex workers will be tested regularly and are very hygienic. You will find if you take a Thai Girl back to your room that she will shower before and after having sex and requesting you also do the same. But in saying that that, STD’s are still present in the sex trade and more common in Ladyboy’s. It is highly recommended that you use protection with all sex partners. It is known that some infected people will purposely attempt to get you infected, to get back at the world for what has happened to them…