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LadyboyLadyboys in Thailand are very common. It is also known as the third sex in Thailand. These Ladyboy’s are treated with respect and like any other person unlike some countries in western society; this is why you will see so many of them in Thailand. Many young Thai men will discover that they were a female born into a male’s body and if they can afford to do so will have the procedure to make them a woman. Although other Ladyboys will have the procedure as an investment, as many men will travel to Thailand to sleep with Ladyboys of the Sex Industry, it can be a big money making solution. The ladyboy’s of Thailand are very beautiful woman and are often very hard to pick that they are trans-gender.  There are many areas throughout the tourist locations where the Ladyboys are available for your company and are often cheaper than a Bar Girl. But beware most Hotels will not allow you to bring a Ladyboy as an extra guest due to many complaints of Ladyboy’s stealing from them in their sleep.

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Where to meet Ladyboys?

There are so many Ladyboy bars around within Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. Below is a list of the notable bars that are aimed at the Ladyboy lover. There are Bars, Clubs and Go-Go bars that will be sure to keep you happy. Also be aware that there are many Freelance Ladyboys and Ladyboy massages girls who are waiting to service your every need. Be it a Post-op or a Pre-op Ladyboy you will find the perfect Ladyboy for your needs in Thailand. A lot of Ladyboy’s will also have online dating profiles to find customers. Give Thai Friendly a visit and start chatting now

Obsession ago-go – Bangkok (Nana Plaza)Thai Ladyboy

King’s Castel 3 – Bangkok (Patpong)

Cockatoo – Bangkok (Soi Cowboi)

Cascade Ladyboy Bar – Bangkok (Nana Plaza)

King’s Corner – Bangkok (Patpong)

Voodoo – Bangkok (Nana Plaza)

Casanova – Bangkok (Nana Plaza)

Guess bar – Bangkok (Nana Plaza)

Soi Crocodile (aka Soi Katoey) – Patong Many Bars to choose from

Tequila Bar – Patong (Soi Crocodile)

Tootsies Bar – Patong

Tootsies Massage – Patong

Soi Paradise – Patong

Cocktail and Dreams – Patong (Soi Vegas)

La Bamba – Pattaya (Soi 13/1)Bangkok Ladyboy

Pook Ladyboy Bar – Pattaya (Soi 6)

Hi Boss Bar – Pattaya (Soi 6)

Sensations – Pattaya (Soi Buakhao)

Pook Swan Bar –Pattaya (Soi Buakhao)

Baby Boom A-Go-Go – Pattaya (Soi Buakhao)

Stringfellows – Pattaya (Soi 13/1)

Obsessions – Pattaya (Soi 13/3)

Jenny Star Bar – Pattaya (Walking St)

Linda’s Bar – Pattaya (Walking St)

Hot Tuna –Pattaya (Walking St)

Marine Disco – Pattaya (Walking St, good later on for Freelance Ladyboys)


Sexy thai ladyboy

Common Freelance Ladyboy locations

Bangkok, Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Nana)

Bangkok, Sukhumvit Rd between Soi 3 and 23)

Pattaya, Beach Rd, North of Walking St

Pattaya, Soi 6

Patong, Bangla Rd (near Soi Crocodile)

Ladyboy Cabaret shows in ThailandLadyboy Cabaret

Simon’s Cabaret – Phuket (Patong)

Moulin Rose – Phuket (Soi Crocodile)

Calypso Cabaret – Bangkok

Playhouse Cabaret – Bangkok

Mambo Cabaret – Bangkok

Tiffany Cabaret – Pattaya

Alcazar Cabaret –Pattaya

Colosseum Cabaret – Pattaya

Moulin Rouge Cabaret – Koh Samui (Chaweng Beach)

Starz Cabaret – Koh Samui (Chaweng Beach)

Blus Moon Cabaret – Chiang Mai