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Guest Friendly Hotel or Short Time Room

guest friendly hotel of short time roomGuest Friendly Hotel or Short Time Room

Ok, so now you have taken a girl from the bar and you are ready to go back to your room. Are you staying at a Guest Friendly hotel? You ask what is a Guest friendly hotel? Well it is a hotel that will allow you to have an extra person in the room at no extra charge. If your hotel is not a Guest Friendly hotel you will be required to pay a fee to the hotel per night, per person. Most hotels this will be 500-1500B but it varies from place to place. Also be careful as some hotels will not allow any extra guests at all (you might get, “This is a Family Hotel”) this information is something that you will not find on the hotels website.  If you plan on sleeping with some of the local girls while in Thailand do some research before booking and find a Guest Friendly Hotel. You can call or email the hotels asking if there is a charge for an extra person or can find some of this information on many Thailand based Forums.

Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok         Guest Friendly Hotels in Phuket         Guest Friendly Hotels in Pattaya

**Note – Your guest will be asked to sign in and provide a form of ID when staying at a Hotel for your security. Also most hotels will not allow Ladyboys as a guest.


Short Time Room

Short Time Room

The other option if you do not want to take the girl back to your room is to go to a Short Time room. This is a room that can be hired for a short amount of time. These are generally 500B and most of the time you will not need a booking. They are everywhere in the tourist areas, but if you cannot find one, ask your Lovely Thai girl, as she will know where a few are. Beware, these Short Time Rooms may not be very pretty. They will consist of a bed, a shower, A/C and enough time to get the job done.