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Plastic Surgery in Thailand

plastic surgery in thailand

Thailand is leading the way in Medical Tourism destination, earning Thailand over $4.3 Billion in revenue during 2013 alone. There are many reasons to have plastic surgery in Thailand but the main one is that it is so much cheaper than in the western world. You have always lived by the saying “you get what you pay for”, well it is still the same in this case but the standard costs are well below the average price you would pay in Australia, UK and the USA. The first thing that you will need to know about having plastic Surgery in Thailand is that there are a lot of great surgeons, but there are also many terrible surgeons. Do you research, look at hospital and clinic websites, search TripAdvisor and other forums and talk to others who have been through similar procedures. You could seek advice from your medical profession back home but 9 times out of 10 they will advise you not to go through with the procedure and tell you all the horror stories.


There are many Horror stories that come out of Thailand with bad experiences and botched surgeries, but at the end of the day you will hear all the same stories about procedures completed in the western world also. The quality of the procedure really comes down to the surgeon doing it. The surgeon is more important than the hospital, the clinic or the price. Once you have worked out what area you want to be in for the surgery then you can start searching for a reputable surgeon to complete you latest transformation to your body. The biggest difference between having the surgery in Thailand as opposed to your Home country is the post op care. For example in Thailand you may have 1-2 weeks post op care, when in Australia you may get 6-12 months post op care.

Bangkok and Phuket are probably the best places to visit if you want to have plastic surgery in Thailand. You will need to take into consideration, the length of the procedure, recovery times, and post op appointments to calculate the length of your stay. You should also consider bringing someone to support you throughout the procedure process. You may be restricted during recovery times and having support is highly recommended by people who have been through plastic surgery procedures in Thailand. You can use an Agent to organise everything for you including the hospital/clinic, Surgeon, accommodation and transfers but then you will find you will be charged more than is required and from past experiences, people have said it a very easy and more pleasant experience organising the procedure/trip yourself. I have seen many reviews from people who have used an agency say that they had a great procedure but would not recommend the agency method. It is so easy and much cheaper to book your own flights, accommodation and procedures.

When booking your accommodation it is recommended you use Agoda and either stay at a hotel close to the hospital/clinic or make sure you have access to Transfers/transportation. Some hospitals/clinics will even help you with organising transfers to and from the hospital. Take into mind you will be in the same area for a length of time so you may want a few luxuries around to help entertain between appointments. A lot of hospital/clinic websites will tell you how long a stay will be required but you can always email them for any information you will require. The people throughout Thailand will do anything to keep their customer happy.

Procedures available with prices*

The types of procedures you can get in Thailand varies from hospital/clinic but throughout Thailand you will be able to get the following procedures;

Laser Hair removal – from 3,500B

Hair Transplant – 80B per graft

Breast lift – from 80,000B

 Breast Implants – from 90,000B

Breast Reduction – from 110,000B

Tummy Tucks – from 95,000B

Liposuction – from 50,000B

Face lifts – from 60,000B

Cheek implants – from 40,000B

Cheek reduction – from 100,000B

Nose reshapes – from 60,000B

Arm lifts – from 75,000B

Buttock Implants – 140,000B

Gender re-assignment Surgery – from 200,000B (male to female)

Adam’s Apply shaving – approx 30,000B

Voice Change – from 95,000B

Thigh Lift – from 95,000B

Varicose Veins – various treatments available

Botox – from 4,000B

And many other skin treatments

*Prices are a rough guide and approx pricing


Some places/surgeons that come highly recommended by past patients

Like I have mentioned earlier there are many great places to have plastic surgery in Thailand but there are also many bad places. Do your research before making up your mind on a clinic or hospital. Look at what facilities the places have available to you. A private room with a second bed available could be something you are after for you support person to sleep on. TV facilities, private showers etc. Please do not fall into the trap that because something is cheap that it is also good. Many “backyard” surgeons operate throughout Thailand and offer procedures at low prices. But it is a permanent change to your body, do you want to risk a bad job? Below is a list of recommend hospitals and clinics throughout Thailand.

Bumrungrad International Hospital – Dr. Tongtip Bonsadaht

Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital – Dr. Preecha Teotranond

Yanhee hospital – Dr. Suthat Koonnawarote, Dr Suthat

Bangkok Hospital

Phuket Aesthetic Centre – Dr. Boonchai

Phuket International Hospital

Bangkok Hospital – Phuket

Dr V Cosmetic

These hospitals and clinics and many others could be mistaken for a 5 Star Hotel once you have entered the hospital. With top of the range apartment-like facilities, Wi-Fi, cable TV, lounges, onsite travel agents to assist with the rest of your holiday to world-class hospital equipment these places will satisfy your needs throughout your stay.


Other things to know about medical procedures in Thailand

A lot of people will choose to bring their own pain killers for the recovery process. With different laws for different drugs throughout Thailand you will have to be careful that the medicine you are bringing in is legal in Thailand. Things like Panadol and Nurofen will be fine but when it comes to other prescription drugs it is recommended you research its legality in Thailand. It is also suggested you have a GP write a letter stating why you need the medication. Medicine in Thailand is similar to what is available in the Western World. But you will find that some of the medicines available are stronger or have different ingredients. Some of the banned ingredients in your home country may be used in Thailand. Most medicines can be purchased from a Pharmacy in Thailand over the counter but the doctors in the hospital or clinic should provide all the medicines you will need. If you are worried about anything given to you ask for further information from the medical team doing the procedure.

Thailand is very well known for its Dental work and Plastic/cosmetic surgery but that is about all when it comes to medical treatments. I would not recommend going to Thailand for an Orthopaedic procedure. They do not have the technology and skills just yet to keep up with the Western world. I personally know a man who broke his leg in Phuket and had it treated in a Thai Hospital. When he got back home to Australia he had the leg looked at and was told the repair was so bad the leg had to be removed.

Plastic surgery in Thailand is becoming so popular that some Private Health Insurance companies (including NIB) in Australia will actually cover you with a Guaranty or similar once you have returned back to Australia for a procedure that occurred in Thailand. For more information on this please check with your Health Insurance provider.

Plastic Surgery is a very big change to your body and can change lives so the decision to have plastic surgery in Thailand is not one that should be made lightly. Like a tattoo, these procedures are permanent and have been known to cause mental and physical difficulties to many people. Recovery can be very painful so I highly advise that you take your time in making a decision, talk to your family and friends, but at the end of the day it is your body.

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