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Traveller Do’s and Don’ts

travellers dos and donts

If you are a first time traveller to Thailand it is a good idea to get to know a little about the culture or Thailand. As it is such a different lifestyle to the western world there will be the unknown differences and what you do at home may be considered an insult.


  • Do Not touch a Thai Person above the shoulders, This is very disrespectful and could end in physical violence.
  • Do Not point with your feet. Feet are considered very dirty to Thai people.
  • Do Not speak badly of the Thai Royal family. This could end in you being killed!!
  • Do Not drink tap water
  • DO NOT TAKE OR BUY DRUGS. You may end up spending a long time in a Thai Prison or even be sentenced to death
  • Do Not throw objects in front of a Thai person, this is considered very rude
  • Do Not climb, kick, punch, spit on or be disrespectful toward Buddha Statues/temples etc…
  • Do Not using internet banking or similar on public computers – people have had banking details stolen this way
  • Do Not touch a monk.
  • Do Not touch the dogs and cats on the streets as they carry disease.
  • Do Not take any part in abusing animals in Thailand
  • Do Not Gamble. Gambling is illegal in Thailand

thai Jail

  • Do treat people older then yourself with respect
  • Do take your shoes off if entering a Temple or house
  • When hailing a taxi Do hail with your fingers pointing down, hands pointing up can be disrespectful
  • Women, Do cover your knees and Shoulders when visiting a temple
  • Do follow Thai Laws and Rules as the police will not turn a blind eye because you are a tourist.
  • Do clean your teeth with bottled water.
  • Do drinks lots of water throughout the day. You will need it in the heat.
  • Do smile a lot
  • Do your research before traveling
  • Do relax and have a good time. You are on holidays after all.

Thailand Smile