Apr 14 2015

Mathias Muay Farang gives Italy the Max Muay Thai 62kg belt – Seven Muay Thai


Challenging 4-men tournament for Mathias Gallo Cassarino. In the first fight he faced a technical French fighter, Issam Arabat-Ziane.

Mathias Max tournmanet 62kg winner by GCC MF 2015-3

Mathias tries not to get too hurt in the semifinal but Issam is very determined and he comes forward from the start catching Mathias with a precise right hook. The Italian understands that it will be harder than he thought to get through this semifinal, but this is what he loves about this sport. He catches the French with some hard body kicks and in the clinch he is able to turn him around. Issam doesn’t give up and in the 3rd fights to finish the fight on his feet and he does.

Mathias wins the semifinal with a cut on his shin and quite hurt from the hard and spectacular fight, probably the best fight of the night.

In the second semifinal, the Russian Ruslam Berdyev starts from the first second against the Thai fighter. Here we can see the difference between the Western and Thai style of fighting, that’s why, both, Mathias and Puenyai suffer the rhythm at the start but then end up winning.

Mathias Max tournmanet 62kg winner by GCC MF 2015-30

Puenyai Paykkampan (WMC world Champion) gets 8 counted in the first round but when he gets up he is able to turn the fight around. The Russian, Champion of the Super WMF PRO Marathon -63kg, doesn’t give up but the level difference comes out and the Thai dominates and wins on points.

A final we can say Thailand vs Thailand, and Puenyai being one of Arjan Leam’s ex students, the trainer that follows Mathias, step by step, for the past 4 years.

Two close rounds, until Mathias, strong of his corner’s all Italian strategy, directed by his father Roberto, he finds the timing to bring out a final spinning back that ends the fight by KO.

Mathias Max tournmanet 62kg winner by GCC MF 2015-2

Mathias recently opened a camp, “7 Muay Thai Gym” and he fights in Thailand since he was 12, collecting belts in the 3 most important federations in the World: WBC, WPMF, WMC, South Thailand province and now he adds the Max Muay Thai Belt, a very respectable palmares for a 22 years old.

Here are videos of his Fights

Mathias Semi Final win

Mathias Muay Farang (Gallo Cassarino) vs Issam Arabat-Ziane (France)

and the Final

Mathias Muay Farang (Gallo Cassarino) vs Puenyai Payyakka mpan (Thailand)

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