May 28 2015

Ladyboy’s – The untold story

Ladyboy’s – The untold story

As many know, Ladyboy’s form the third sex of Thailand and play a big part in Thailand’s Sex trade and Red Light Districts, everyone has heard the story of the Ladyboy who went back to the hotel and stole all the customers valuables, but that story has been told many times. So I am now going to tell you another side to the Ladyboy’s of Thailand

Many Ladyboy’s in Thailand know by the age of 7 or 8 years old that they are a Ladyboy and if their parents will allow them start to take different hormones. These hormones will generally be taken for the rest of their life. Many parents will refuse to help their child in the transition and force them to leave home at an early age and fight for themselves at a young age. There is a difference between a Gay male and a Ladyboy. Basically a Gay male is a male who is attracted to other men while a Ladyboy is a woman born in a male’s body but like all human the Ladyboy’s also have feelings, dreams and goals.

Many Ladyboy’s will look for work in the sex trade in other countries, some of which may not be accepting of the Ladyboy culture. Popular spots for Ladyboy’s to go and work are Singapore and Malaysia as there is more money to be made, but with the more money comes more risks. These Ladyboy’s may attempt to work illegally and risk being caught by federal police. Not only this, but they will have to pay off the local mafia for protection and for the “right” to work in their area. It is known in Malaysia that there is very little tolerance for Ladyboy’s. Many if caught by authorities will be kept locked up in private prisons where they will be physically, mentally and sexually abused. The Ladyboy’s will be forced to have their hair shaved off which leaves them humiliated and unable to work anywhere. They will be kept days without food and even used as sex slaves to police and authorities. The worst case is that the Ladyboy will be thrown into a male prison where they are sexually abused daily and left mentally scarred for life.

Unlike the Bar girls of Thailand there is not always the possibility of a light at the end of the tunnel. Many Ladyboy’s will never find love and be able to settle down like everyone wants, but they learn to accept that and suffer quietly. I am not saying that all Bar Girls of Thailand will find a guy and settle down but they have much more of a chance than a Ladyboy has. Although it is known that some Ladyboy’s can be more attractive than the women, this doesn’t change anything to them.

Some Ladyboy’s will go through the pain of surgery to become the woman they have always wanted to be. This is costly and a major change. Most will opt to keep their male sex organs as the pain, money and emotional anguish can be too much to have a full sex change operation.

After spending a lot of time in Thailand, I have grown to respect a lot of the “working” people, including the Ladyboy’s. To them it is a job and they have no other options and when I hear people say things like “it’s ok to play with her feeling because I paid her” I tend to get angry. Put yourself in their shoes, they can’t afford further education, so can’t get an everyday job like most of us have. They are then forced to work 14 hour days in horrible conditions for just enough money to stay fed. There is no wonder why they turn to the Sex Trade as supporting family is a large part of the Thai culture and their life. But some of these Ladyboy will sleep with 10 – 15 different guys every night. Fighting back tears only to have to do it again the following night.

These Ladyboy’s will often turn to drugs and the risk of being caught and pay the penalty through the Thai Legal system. They will be trialled as a male and when convicted, be jailed with males and be abused daily. There is also the high risk of HIV, Aids and other STD’s. A lot of Ladyboy’s will come to terms early in life that they are at a good chance of contracting a disease that will end their life at an early age. In Thailand and many other countries a Ladyboy cannot get legally married as it is still considered a same-sex marriage, so the every girl’s dream of a big wedding is non-existent to a Ladyboy.

Do these people a favour and treat them as you would like them to treat you. Most do not choose to be a Ladyboy, but were born one and have no other option. Personally with what a Ladyboy has to go through to get by, I can’t see why anyone would voluntarily become a Ladyboy. A Ladyboy is as human as any male or female, so why not treat them like anyone else.

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