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Phuket Nightlife

phuket nightlife

Bangla Rd map

Bangla Rd map

The Heart of the Phuket Nightlife scene is in on Bangla Rd in Patong. It is full of Nightclubs, venues what play live music, beer bars with bar girls and many Go-Go bars. As like Bangkok the sex trade is very full on in Patong and present in other parts of Phuket. Travelling to all parts of Phuket, you will find a bar to drink in. But if it is nightlife you are after Patong is that place you want to go. People of all ages can be found in the nightlife area. There doesn’t seem to be an age limit and there is no getting denied entry for being too old. A beer bar is a bar you can go to drink, play games, like connect-4 and Jenga with the staff and even have the option bar fine a companion. One thing you will come across in these bars are girls pushing for you to buy them a drink, these are called lady drinks, it is highly recommended you look at Red Light Thailand before diving into Sex trade scene.

Phuket Nightlife beer bar games

Most bars/nightclubs throughout Phuket will open later at night and continue til the last customers stumble back to their hotels in the early hours of the morning(Go-Go bars and some nightclubs will close around 2am). There are so many bars to choose from so have a look and stop where it suits you. Wanna watch the footy back home, head to the Aussie bar on Bangla rd. Looking for a night on the dance floor? Head to Seduction or Tiger Nightclubs. If it is Ladyboys you are after make your way to Soi Crocodile on Bangla Rd.  Even the beach in Patong comes to life when the sun goes down. Also to note most of the nightclubs will have waiter/waitresses walking around to take your drink orders so you don’t need to wait in line, they can also carry around food and snacks to nibble on.

If you are not into the bar scene but still want to take part in the Sex Trade then a Massage might be the way to go. Many Massage Parlours in Phuket will offer extra services. A well known area for this is Soi Kepsap near the OTOP Markets. You could also pop in to Christian Massage for the ultimate Soapy Massage experience in Phuket.

Beer of Thailand

Massage with Happy Ending

Soapy Massage

Gay and Transexual Nightlife in Patong

ladyboys phuketThere is a large scene for Gay and Labyboy nightlife in Patong. The center for Gay Nightlife is at Soi Paradise off Rat-U-Thit Pee 200 Road. Here you can find bars, shows, Gay Massage parlours, Guesthouses, Spa and Saunas and a Cabaret show. Many Gay Guest friendly hotels can be found in Soi Paradise, such as Niky Guesthouse, Family Guesthouse, Baan Paradise Guesthouse, King Kong Guesthouse, Re Guesthouse and Relax Guesthouse.

gay scene phuket

If it is Ladyboys you are after Soi Crocodile (or Soi Katoey) is the place to go. Just off Bangla rd is a Soi dedicated to the Labyboys of Patong. This is also one of the most photographed areas in Phuket. At the end of Soi Crocodile is a Ladyboy Cabaret show, or visits Simon’s Cabaret for the world famous Ladyboy Caberet. Some of the Ladyboys of Thailand are very beautiful and very hard to pick so be careful.

For more on Ladyboy’s, including where to find them click here


 Nightclubs in Patong

Seduction Discotheque

The recently moved Seduction Nightclub has quickly become one of the favourite Night spots in Patong. Located towards the northern end of Bangla rd the 2 levelled nightclub will impress with entry on a red carpet and dance the night away to modern RnB and Dance music. A mixture of Thai locals and tourists from around the world you will party the night away in style. You will not find many Thai freelance girls here but it is known to have many Russian “workers” inside. The doors don’t open until 10pm but the partying will begin around midnight. An admission fee of 400B is required but you will be given a free drink upon entry.




Tiger Nightclub

Tiger Nightclub was recently moved across the road from its original location to the New Soi Tiger. The dual-levelled Nightclub is another great night spot of Patong, attracting many tourists and Thai Freelance girls. With a 200B entry fee it is a cheaper option to Seduction but still includes the free drink on entry. Again with a 10pm opening time the partying begins around midnight. Here you can find a VIP area, pool tables, Shisha pipes for smoking Flavoured tobacco and DJ’s from all around the world playing your favourite RnB and House music. The internal and external walls of the venue are clad with hand-made tiger statues which add to the feel of the venue.

Illuzion Disco

Tai Pai Nightclub can be found across from Tiger. Look for the large Illuzion sign and staircase leading to the venue. This Disco is very modern and new to the area. With mixed styles of music this place is quickly becoming the number disco in Phuket. Every Friday night is RnB/Rap night with live performances. Illuzion is also attracting some big named DJ’s to play at the venue. Lots of lighting, Shisha’s and food available. Entry is free and drinks are reasonably priced. Well worth a visit next time you are in the area.




Tai Pan Nightclub (FBI)

Tai Pai Nightclub is located at the northern end of Bangla rd on Rat-U-Thit 200 pee rd. This place has been around for a long time and is a favourite to the older generations. With dancing girls on stage, modern music and many drinks Taipan is a great play to spend a night. The evening will provide a Pub-like atmosphere and live music up until about midnight. Happy Hour is 8;30pm to 10pm and has many games, competitions and give aways all night. Entry is free and often comes with a free drink/shot



VIP Room

VIP Room has recently opened in the old Hollywood Disco located at the southern end of Bangla rd and is above Soi Easy. This Room is one very long Room filled with modern Sofas, bar stools and tables, a circular DJ stage, a VVIP section and brings a little class to the nightclub scene of Bangla Rd. There is not strict dress code but you always want to look your best. Give Patong’s latest club a visit after 22:00 with beers starting at 150b



Famous Nightclub and Rooftop Beach club

Located at Jungceylon Shopping Center, Famous Nightclub is away from most of the nightlife. This can mean tha  ace may be quieter than the rest of the nightclubs. With two distinct atmospheres in the one place Famous is a very different experience. On the rooftop is a swimming pool with a glass bottom. The glass bottom acts as the ceiling to the nightclub below which creates a surreal environment. With themed nights and International DJ’s Famous Nightclub and rooftop beach club is a different approach to Phuket’s nightlife with just a little class.



White Room Nightclub

White Room is a new nightclub located at the end of Bangla Road’s Soi Gonzo. The venue features a cocktail bar, a dance floor, a cutting edge sound & lighting system, a VIP area with 12 tables & comfortable sofas and a second VIP area on the second floor. 22:00 – 5:00 for a mix of House and RnB


 Banana Disco

Banana Disco is located on Beach rd within walking distance from the southern end of Bangla Rd. This is one of the oldest Nightclubs in Patong and still manages to fill up most nights. Before 11pm sit in the open bar sipping on cocktails and listening to live music. Afterwards Banana Disco really comes to life. With mainly RnB, Dance, pop, top 40 music and the occasional oldie there is a great variety of music. Upstairs is a typical dance floor while downstairs is a full service bar serving a choice of classic drinks and many cocktails. A 200B entry fee is applicable but a free drink will also be given.


A Go-Go Bars in Patong


Soi Seadragon is home to a lot of Patongs Go-Go bars. This is located off Bangla Rd and it lined with Go-Go bars while the center of the Soi is full of many Beer Bars. There are also a few Go-Go bars on Bangla rd and now there are two “Russian girl only” Go-Go bars, being Moulin Rouge and L’Amour where you can acquire the company of a beautiful Russian woman, but these will cost more than the Thai woman. The good thing about Go-Go bars in Phuket is that drink prices are standard throughout. Most venues will  also hold a show every 30 minutes. These shows will either be a Ping Pong show, a bath show, Body Painting shows or a girl show, with more two or more girls putting on a display on stage.



Devil’s Playground

Devils Playground would have to be the number 1 Go-Go bar in Phuket. Located down Soi Seadragon this place is very easy to find. From experience the women in Devil’s Playground are the best looking amongst all Go-Go in Phuket and the venue is larger than most others. Drinks are standard prices for a Go-Go bar but there is not entry fee. Women often wearing nothing or at least very little on stage will do all they can to try and get you as their next customer. Most girls will come and have a talk before asking for a lady drink, they can be pushy at times but it depends on the night.



Suzy Wong’s

Suzy Wong’s is also located down Soi Seadragon and is another great Go-Go coming very close to Devil’s Playground standards. Their punch line is “Ass Smacking Fun”, this is because there are long black lengths of foam the girls use to smack you on the ass. It doesn’t hurt but make a loud sound when it makes contact with your body. The girls are very good looking and can be good fun to spend some time with. No entry fee but like other Go-Go bars just buy a drink on entry.



Roxy A Go-Go

Roxy A Go-Go is one of the favourites in Phuket. Located in Soi Vegas it is away from the big group of Go-Go’s but well worth a visit. The venue is very large consisting of 2 stages over 2 levels. There are your everyday Go-Go pole dancing girls but then you also have your Performance girls who are very acrobatic and leaving a lot of patrons in awe of their beauty.


rock hard a go go


Rock Hard A Go-Go 

Larger than most of the Go-Go bars in Phuket and with an earlier Opening time this can be a good location for the early sleeper. It is also one of the easiest to find Go-Go in Phuket as it is located at the top of Bangla Rd in clear site. The girls inside are very good looking but dancing on stage most of the time so does not get too up-close and personal. This was my first ever Go-Go bar and it started a love for them. Recommended you have a visit and see for yourself.



Exotica is located in down Soi Seadragon and can leave mixed reviews. In my opinion you can have a great night or a bad night here. When it is a good night you will have non-pushy but beautiful girls and when it is a bad night you will leave after your first drink. Shows are regularly on display here but not very impressive. I have seen a Lesbian Show incorporating the Bath on stage but it was nothing to brag about.


playschool a go go entry



Play School A Go-Go

Play School can be found down Soi Seadragon and has been around for over 15 years. Unfortunately by the name you would expect to see woman in School uniforms… This is not the case. This is your Standard Go-Go bar with a small stage and dancers poles.



house of sound


House of Sound

Another Soi Seadragon Go-Go bar, House of Sound is very much a Standard Go-Go bar also. The venue is small and so is the stage. On a busy night you will find a show or too and a few good looking woman but nothing to write home about.




Diablo A Go-Go

Diablo a Go-Go is one of the smaller bars in Soi Seadragon but still manages to get many people to enter and have a drink or too. With a small Stage you may only get 3 or 4 girls on stage at a time but they do put on a good two woman soapy show.




Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is different to most of the Go-Go bars in Phuket as it is home to only Russian Woman. Located in Soi Vegas this establishment will be probably the only bar in Phuket with blonde dancers. You will have these beauties dancing on stage all night and will come and pay you so extra attention. Unfortunately the woman expect a good tip for dancing in front of you and the drink prices are also a bit expensive.  Good for something different but To be honest I go to Thailand for the Thai women so normally walk straight past here without a second thought.



Money Night 

Money Night is located next to Moulin Rouge in Soi Vegas and is probably one of the least favourite bars in Phuket. It is very expensive with beers at 800B… But the place is called Money Night so be expected to handover a lot of it. One thing is does bring to the patron is that the venue will hold a Snake Show…