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Phuket Attractions

phuket attractionsphang nga bayBelow is a list of some of the things to do and Attractions to visit while in Phuket. Tours can be an all day trip, half day trip or even a trip for just a couple hours, but all will be something you will never forget. A couple tips for when booking tours for Thailand. Book them once you in the country as it will save you a lot of money. Don’t book at hotels as they have so many mark ups on them hurting your pocket, book them on the street (there are many tour stands). You can barter the price of tours, In the low season a lot of tours will be half price as there are not many people around to book for tours but beware that in Low Season it is also Monsoon season. So tours requiring boats/cruises/etc will not be a smooth ride and tour could be cancelled or postponed due to the wether or sea conditions. Do not travel in a Tuk Tuk to the activity as this will increase the price for you as they have to add the Tuk Tuk drivers commission for bringing you to them. Tours and attractions may vary slightly.

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Island tour is for of the favourites for people in travelling to Phuket. It is usually set as a day trip where you will be picked up from your hotel around 7am. You will then be driven to a pier when you will transfer to Phi Phi Islands on a ferry or a speedboat. The ferry is very slow and takes a long time to get there but the speedboat can be a bumpy ride for about an hour. The Tour will incorporate snorkelling and swimming clear blue waters, a Thai lunch, time on one or two of the islands, a visit to Monkey islands to feed the moneys as well as a tour around some of the Phi Phi Islands.



James Bond Islands and sea canoes

The James Bond Island tour will including transfer from your hotel to Phang-Nga National Park where you will get on a boat and travel to the James Band Island. The tour will include a Thai Lunch, snorkelling and swimming on Islands on the way to James Bond Island.  Once you arrive at James Bond Island you will be guided through the caves on the island in a canoe for 2 people with a private guide and navigator.


elephant trekking in thailand


Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking is normally incorporated into a tour with other activities but can be booked as a walk up customer at the site. These other activities could be one or more of the following; Elephant show, Monkey show, Snake/Cobra show, 4 wheel motorbike ride, Big Buddha, off road buggys, go-carts, etc. You can choose to include transfers from your hotel or organise you own. The Elephant Trek itself is normally through a jungle type trail for about 10 – 15 minutes. Two people will sit on the back of an Elephant while a handler will take you through a short trail.


Go Karting/off-road buggy’s/shooting

In Phuket a couple of the fun quick activities are riding the Race-Speed Go-karts or trek the mountains with offroad buggy’s/ATV or shoot a real gun in a controlled environment. The Go karts can be found at a few locations throughout Phuket but if you are in Patong and travel over to the hill towards Kathu you will find 2 go-karting grounds opposite each other. The better one is the “hidden” one on the left side when heading away from Patong. You can also find Offroad Buggys/ATV’s to trek the jungle with. The Go karts are very fast and great fun, even in the rain. There are also many locations throughout Phuket that you can shoot a variety of weapons. Choose from different calibre pistols, rifles or Shotguns.


Tiger kingdom Phuket


Tiger Kingdom

Tiger Kingdom is pretty new to Phuket, Located in Kathu, very close to Patong there is an Tiger Park where you can see, sit with, or play with a selection of different Tigers ranging from cubs to adult. You can pay to have photos taken and receive them on a CD or take your own photos. There is always a handler in the tiger enclosure with you and they have total control of the tigers for your safety. This is great as you will get up close and person with this giant beast.


Ladyboy Cabaret Shows

In Thailand there is a strong presence of Labyboys due to the country being so open about different sexualities but they are also put on display in their very own show. At Simons Cabaret in Patong you can see performance of modern and classic acts in English and other languages performed all by Ladyboys. These Ladyboys are so beautiful that you would not pick that that most of them were born males. The show is great for persons of all ages and all will have a good laugh and the chance to meet and greet the performers after their performance. Tickets to the show can be booked at most tour desks or in person at Simon’s Cabaret.


golf course phuket



A lot of people will travel from around the world to play golf on some of Thailand great golf courses. With Phuket being the perfect background for a holiday, this is also the perfect place to play golf. With many courses to choose from bring your clubs with you or play the ultimate Boy’s trip away. For more information on Golf in Phuket Visit http://www.phuketgolfleisure.com/index.html




Scuba Diving

With Phuket being surrounded in crystal blue beaches and many islands to explore it is also a great place to do or even learn to Scuba Dive with a recognised qualification. There are many locations you can learn Scuba diving and many different trips that can be taken to explore the Andaman Sea. Equipment can be hired in Phuket at most Scuba Tour agents.


Massage/beauty treatmentsThai massage

When you think holiday you think relaxing on the beach while getting a great foot massage. In Phuket this is very common. There are many massage tables or Massage ladies along the beach who have year experience in Traditional Thai Massage. If the beach is not for you Phuket is home to many great massage parlours and other beauty treatments. Why not get an hour long Thai massage for 250B, or treat yourself to a manicure or a pedicure. You could also have eyelash extensions or Cosmetic tattoos. If you would like the full spa treatment Phuket is where you want to go. So many places offer different treatments, there is sure to be what you are looking for.

Muay Thai

A lot of people will come to Thailand to train to do Muay Thai. There are many locations in Phuket that offer packages that include accommodation, meals, training for months at a time. These people will also get the chance to fight on the big stage in Patong at Bangla Boxing Stadium or Patong Boxing Stadium. Tourists can purchase tickets to these events at the stadium or at most tour desks. A word of warning these are Armature Muay Thai fights, if you would like to see championship quality Muay Thai fights you are better to go to Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok.


big buddha Phuket



Big Buddha

Big Buddha is located just out of Kata beach and sits on top of a high mountain that can be seen from most of Phuket. The Bid Buddha can be viewed in a tour or you could enter it yourself, there is no entry fee. On the site you will see some information on how the Big Buddha was constructed, some Buddhism information as well as some great views over Phuket. I would recommend that you go with a tour guide or Thai local so that they can explain the meaning behind different things and give you a greater understanding.




FantaSea Show

Phuket Fantasea is a night time cultural theme park that will consists of a buffet dinner and a show and located in Kamala, about 15 minutes from Patong beach. You can book enter at a tour desk or at Fantasea itself. The show is based on Thailand’s exotic heritage and traditions in a themed venue that seats and caters 4000 guests. The park is packed with activities, games and shopping in a Carnival tyre arrangement. Great for people of all ages, something for the kids as well as the parents.



In Phuket it is expected that you will be doing a lot of shopping. With Shopping Centres, retail outlets, Markets and street stalls everywhere you go you will be sure to buy more then you need and worry about excess baggage from the trip home. Many people will travel to Thailand with a backpack and a few things and buy it all in Thailand as well as the suitcase to bring it home in. Bartering is expected in Phuket and can be good fun. If you look under the Shopping tab it will go into this a bit more.