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Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya Nightlife has become world famous and become known as the Sin City of Asia for its red light district. Pattaya is not the best destination for a family holiday but more for the single person or even couple to go and explore the Sex tourism of Thailand. Although you will find families in Pattaya as Thailand tries to make Pattaya a more family-friendly environment. With many beautiful Thai woman, men and Ladyboy’s, Pattaya will cater for any sexual needs you may have. With Pattaya being just out of Bangkok you can very easily get to Pattaya by Taxi or other private transfers.

“Is prostitutions in Thailand illegal?” – By Law prostitution is illegal in Thailand but is widely accepted throughout the county. In NO way in sex with a minor (under 18 years old) Legal or accepted.

Pattaya’s nightlife is separated into 3 different areas, Walking Street (Soi 16 to South Pattaya Rd), Beach rd (South Pattaya Rd to Soi 6) and LK Metro. All of which are home to many Go-Go bars, Beer bars, Nightclubs, Massage parlours, Blow job bars, Short time rooms etc.. Walking Street is probably the most famous of the Nightlife areas, situated at the southern most end of Beach Rd. If it is sex you want Pattaya is the place for you and as the sun goes down, Pattaya comes to life with streets alit with bright-coloured neon lights.

Pattaya Massage

Massage with Happy Ending

Soapy Massage

BJ Bars

With so many Go-Go bars to choose from it is recommended you go and check it out yourself and work out which go-Go is for you. Below I will list some of the more popular Go-Go bars but go and check it out for yourself. With Bar Girls, Go-Go girl, Massage girls and many Freelance girls to choose from you will find Pattaya what you’re looking for in Pattaya. For more information on how the Sex tourism part of Thailand work visit Red Light Thailand for all the info you will need. A handy tip is that many freelance girls will hang around Beach rd north of Walking Street.

Pattaya as a general rule is cheaper then Bangkok and Phuket when it comes to the nightlife and sex trade. Walk into a massage parlour get handed a list and choose your required service. Visit a Blow Job bar and… buy a beer? With a short time room around just about every corner and many guest friendly hotels you will have many accommodation options available.

Pattaya will also cater for the Gay males and people interested in Ladyboy’s, with may bars and even Boyztown available and located close to Walking Street. Pattaya has one of the largest Ladyboy populations with many Freelance ”hangouts”, Ladyboy bars and Ladyboy Go Go bars. For more information on Ladyboy Bar/Go-Go Bar Locations visit here. Still be very wary that a lot of Guest Friendly Hotels will not allow Ladyboy guests. Do your research or ask the Ladyboy if she knows of any locations.

Pattaya Nightlife Map

Pattaya Nightlife Map

Walking Street is marked in Yellow on the left.

Beach Rd continues to the right.

LK Metro can be found on the bottom left of the map.


Pattaya Nightlife Recommended Venues

What’s Up

One of the Top A Go-Go in Pattaya with some of the fittest and hottest girls around. This club is more aimed at patrons who are willing to spend a little extra for a drink and for their girls. Located on Soi 15 this venue is very modern and houses two dancer’s stages and a hot tub with show every 30 minutes.


Peppermint A Go-Go

Peppermint club is a little different to other A Go-Go bars in the area as it is not a themed club like others. But you will find some of the best looking woman in Pattaya once you venture inside. You will also notice that the girls seem to be more enthusiastic with their dancing on stage. With multiple stages rotating through the girls and cheap beer all night you will be sure to enjoy your time here.


Bacarra A Go-Go

Located on Walking Street Bacarra A Go-Go is a very popular club. The entrance has two beautiful girls dancing on poles to attract your attention. Once you enter it only gets better, with girls wearing red and black lace around their legs. The glass ceiling allows for patrons to view what is happening on the second level, where you will find some more energetic girls and a more relaxed atmosphere. The woman will be sure to keep you happy and cater for every man’s needs in a woman


Alcatraz A Go-Go

This two-storied, prison themed club is one of the biggest clubs on Walking Street. With girls dressed as a prisoner or prison guards and lots of prison-like paraphernalia cladding the venue. Alcatraz also has one of the biggest selection of woman, even bringing in extra girls during the high season to cater for the extra tourists in the area.


Airport Club

Airport club is a smaller venue and can become quiet cramped at times. But this all works in with the theme of it all. With every man’s biggest fantasy, the girls are dressed in airline hostess uniforms and do provide an “in-flight” service. Airport Club does have a hot tub but the shows tend to be less frequent than other clubs in the area. Non-the-less the girls are more than willing to provide you will a show after a few “Lady Drinks”


Iron Club

Iron Club is for the S&M lover. With black leather and Iron chain themed venue this is one of the more “Crazy” clubs of the area. There are 2 stages with dancing girls, one will have bikini-clad girl while there other will have bikini-less girls. Also home to a hot tubs accommodating multiple soapy girls at a time. The girls are generally very sexy and accommodating but do have a price to match.



Well known for it’s shows and professional dancers, Angelwitch is a great place to visit with your partner for some great entertainment. Later on in the night the girls will become a bit more erotic and between shows the Go-Go dancers will enter the stage by sliding down fireman-like poles. Bar staff can be a little pushy when it comes to you buying another drink but in Thailand you tend to get used to that.


Heaven Above

Often rated as one of the top bars in Pattaya, there are always many friendly and great looking girls that are more than willing to interact with you. There is a Main stage and many smaller dancing stages as well as a hot tub on offer.


The Windmill Club

Voted the Naughtiest bar in Pattaya, this Bar is a great place to go to if you are looking for a fun night. The girls are happy to interact with you and are not as pushy for drinks and other services compared to other places. With sexy shows on offer from many cute girls including a hot tub and even a bed for a simulated oily sex show that you must see. Windmill is located on Soi Diamond, just off Walking Street.


Super Girl A Go-Go

Personally not one of my favourites but many people are a big fan of Super Girl A Go-Go as it is home to many stunners. This is one of the original “Pick-a-number” type A Go-Go bars. There are many girls dancing on a stage but will avoid eye contact and interaction until you have selected their number. The girls at this venue are topless dancers but are not very enthusiastic even during the hot tub shows they have to offer. Also keep in mind you will pay a little extra for drinks here.


Happy A Go-Go

Located on Soi Happy, Happy A Go-Go has been often called the best club in Pattaya and is well worth the look. With all the girls dressed in School Girl uniforms, this bar is every man’s dream. The atmosphere is generally pretty laid back although it can be very busy at times. The venue has the one large stage with very comfortable seating as well as a smaller stage. A great place to start your night with a daily happy hour until 9:30pm


Sugarbaby A Go-Go

This club has a more modern feel and the girls inside are very entertaining. The woman in this venue are not the glamour’s you will find any most clubs but they are still attractive. You will find that the girls here will get their full kit off. Even having constant shower shows with one or two girls showing each other and cleaning every nook and cranny, rotating about every 15 minutes. Located on Walking Street with the motto of “Pussy without the Attitude”, they place can get full very quickly


Champagne A Go-Go

Located in Soi LK Metro Champagne A Go-Go was the first Go-Go bar in Soi LK Metro. It is still one of the favourites to many men and is handy for those early raiser as the venue will open from 2pm. The girls in this bar are mainly Coyote dancers but still have a lot of Go-Go dancers available


Sugar Sugar A Go-Go

Located in Soi LK Metro Sugar Sugar A Go-Go can be a bit quieter than the Walking Street clubs but you will not be disappointed. There are normally a large number of good looking girls at one time and it is known that this venue will have a lot of Bisexual girls willing to get involved in some group action.


The Devil’s Den

Not an A Go-Go bar but a great place to go to experience Thailand Sex trade. The Devil’s Den is full of many Thai Escorts awaiting to please your every needs. You have the choice of as many girls as you would like to enjoy a 90 minute session to fulfil your fantasies. With an all-inclusive flat rate you will not need to negotiate a price for a service you are unsure of. Devil’s Den girls are very good at what they do, to the point it is guaranteed that you will enjoy your stay. Whether you are a male, female or a couple you will have a once in a lifetime experience at The Devil’s Den.