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Pattaya Attractions

pattaya attractions

Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is a 105 metre high wooden structure carved entirely out of Teak and located North of Pattaya City on the coast of Naklua. Although this structure looks very much like a temple it is in fact not a temple at all. With a mix of religion, art, culture and philosophy this is best described as a monument of Thai craftsmanship. Here you can also get up close and personal with Elephant and Horse rides. If on a tour of the you will be given the history and meaning of the structure but it is very full on and in the end the admiration of the craftsmanship and many 1000’s of hours work with works still ongoing. You will also have the ability to go and see the Thai workers hand carving parts of the structure still not completed. Admission to the Sanctuary of Truth (Only) is 500B for adults and 250B for children but you can purchase packages from the site at varied prices. The tour guide is free with the admission charge.


Pattaya is home to many Golf course of which people travel from all corners of the world to play on. With around 30 golf courses within 45 minutes drive of Pattaya city there is a large selection to choose from. Many expats in Bangkok will travel to Pattaya for the weekend for a round or 2 of Golf. A list of gold courses can be found here Golf Clubs Pattaya with many International or Championship Courses available. Some of the Top courses are Siam CC (Old), Laem Chabang International, Khao Kheow and St Andrews 2000.

Big Buddha (Phratumnak Hill)

The Big Buddha Statue is located on top of Phratumnek hill at Wat Phra Yai (temple). Phratumnak hill is also known as the Big Buddha Hill and is in between Pattaya city and Jomtien beach. The large 300ft high Buddha cannot be missed with it sticking out form the trees. It was build in 1940 when Pattaya was nothing but a Fishing village but has now become very popular to tourist from all around the world. There is a large staircase leading to the temple and Buig Buddha status which is lined with golden dragons providing handrails and at the bottom are 7 headed snakes which are called “Nagas”. Once at the top of the stairs there are 8 different Buddha status representing each day of the week, but 2 to represent Wednesday. This is a great cultural attraction to see while in Pattaya, with free entry and being close to Pattaya City and Jomtien beach, the 2 main tourist areas of Pattaya.

Elephant Village Pattaya

In 1973 the Elephant Village was opened to form a home for former working Elephants of Thailand. They are then given a purpose once again. As these elephants were working elephants they are too used to the interaction of humans and would not be right to release them into the wild. Once a day the elephants will treat guests to shows and even rides around their village. Depending on what on the purchase at entry you can see the show(650B), or show and an elephant trek, or the show(1200B), elephant trek, a bamboo raft ride and a ride on a Ox-drawn cart(2000B). The elephants are left to live and roam in a natural environment when they are not working. The Elephant village can be found in Central Pattaya in from the coast

Website: www.elephant-village-pattaya.com

Tiffany Cabaret Show

Located in Northern Pattaya you can see the Tiffany Show at the Grand Theatre. This world famous show is displayed 3 times per night by a handful of some of Thailand most beautiful Labyboys, The show will go for one hour showing parts of Asia’s history including a Bollywood themed scene, a Korean fan dance and a traditional Thai dance. You do not have to be “Into” Ladyboys to enjoy this show. It is very entertaining and you will be sure to have a laugh or 2. After each show patrons can pose for photos with the stars of the show, but be wary that they will expect a small fee to have their photos taken.

Pattaya Shooting Park

The the Pattaya Floating Market you will find the Pattaya Shooting Park. Here there are a variety of different activities to experience. With 25 and 50m ranges available you can choose from you can choose from .22 mm. handguns up to larger calibre .45 inch and 9 mm. handguns, rifles and shotguns to shoot. If you are new to shooting a staff member will give you a one-on-one assistance to ensure the safe operation of the weapons. On site is a fishing park, where you can catch and eat you catch of the day. Also available are the following activities; Kayaking, Waterball, House riding, Cliff climbing, Tower jump across the lake, flying fox, horse-drawn carriage ride, horse dancing and an archery range.

Website: www.pattayashootingpark.com

Ripley’s Believe it or not

Located on the 3rd floor of the Royal Garden Plaza on Beach Rd is the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum with over 300 exhibits on display. This museum is not like anything you would have seen featuring some of the worlds strangest, shocking or beautiful objects and facts. Great for the person who has seen everything as you will be sure to find a few things you did not know of in the world we live in. A lot of people have seen the TV Show Ripley’s Believe It or Not and will know what sort of things to expect. Included in the museum is a large maze, a 12D cinema and Louis Tussaud’s Wax works .Open between 11:00am and 11:00pm and with an entry fee started at 250B to see one Item(area) or 1500B to see all 7.

Website: http://www.ripleysthailand.com

Pattaya Floating Market

The Pattaya Floating market covers over 100,000sqm with over 110 shop of which are separated into separate districts. East District represents the Major areas of Thailand including North, North-east, Central and South. You will find many eateries, food stalls, souvenir stands and other specialty stores. When at the market, you can hire a man-powered boat to get up to 4 people around for 30 minutes at a fee of 200B. The main draw to the markets is its fresh Thai dishes, desserts and traditional Thai snacks at good prices. Most of the things you can buy at the stalls can be brought around Thailand but the experience of the boat ride and shopping on a river is one to remember.

Mini Siam

Located in Northern Pattaya near the Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital is Mini Siam. Here can be found nearly 100 miniature replicas of the world’s most popular attractions. At a scale of 25:1 you can see a mini Temple of the Emerald Buddha from Bangkok, The Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, St. Petersburg’s Church and many others. Mini Siam is split into the 2 districts, Mini Siam and Mini Europe. Go from the Sydney Oprah House and just cross the the small stream to enter Thailand. Learn about the History of the Kingdom of Lanna, Sukhothai and Ayutthaya to the modern Bangkok.

Underwater World Pattaya

On Sukhumvit Rd in South Pattaya you will find Underwater World Pattaya. With a series of different exhibits starting form sandy beaches to open ocean displays with some of the world’s most deadliest predator. As you walk down Underwater Worlds clear tunnel you can see live feeding shows and watch real time actions from over 2500 different species. You can also get unclose with some marine animals getting to feel the skin of a bamboo shark, turtles, Starfish and many more marine animals. One of the last exhibits is showing off some of the marine animals that can be found locally around Pattaya in The Ship Wreck Tank. Open between 9:00am and 6:00pm you can enter at 500B for an Adult and 300B for children up to 130cm tall.

Website: www.underwaterworldpattaya.com

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Located out of Central Pattaya is 2.4sqkm of parklands and gardens. With the sheer size and amount of things to see a trip to the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens could take the full day. With a showcase of many themed gardens, restaurants, cultural shows and accommodation the gardens is more of a theme park with daily carnivals. Here you will find a 17th century French-themed garden, Stonehenge, and a European Renaissance garden. With over 670 types of Orchards it is the worlds largest collection. It is highly likely you will not be able to see the entire garden by foot, so it is recommended to hire a pushbike to tour the area.

Website: http://www.nongnoochgardenpattaya.com/

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Thanks to a Unique feeding technique used at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo you will find Bengal Tigers, Dogs and Pigs living together in the same enclosures. Have a photos taken with the tiger cubs, watch the Crocodile Show, ride an elephant or feed the ostriches. Also find many exotic birds, camels and even some kangaroos on site. Separated in 4 separate zones you will find the tiger breeding zone, talent show zone, crocodile zone and animal zone. But the main attraction is the feeding room which has Tiger shows tiger cubs and Piglet’s living and feeding in the same room, for a small fee you can have your photos taken with the animals. With many shows available and the famous World Record holder “The Scorpion Queen” you will have a great day out. Entry is 450B per adult and 250B for children. Located a 30 minute drive South of Pattaya City you can purchase a package which includes return transfer for 600B for adults and 500 for children.

Website: www.tigerzoo.com

Pattaya Park

Pattaya Park is the landmark attraction of Jomtiem beach and is well known for it 240m tower which is used and an observation point and doubles as a jumping tower. The tower is also home to 3 revolving restaurants, giving great views of Pattaya. Pattaya park is also home to separate Water and amusement parks which have large waterslides and a whirlpool. There are a few rides to experience at the park, being a Rollercoaster, Viking, monorail, musical carousel and the very scary tower shot. The park itself is aging and is better designed for children. Even though most of the tourists travelling to Pattaya are males, some people do tend to bring their families with them. The Pattaya Tower has it’s own jumping platform with 3 options of getting down. The Sky Shutter, the Speed Shutter or the Tower Jump.