Koh Samui and Koh Phangan Attractions

koh samui and koh phangan attractionsMuay Thai (Thai Boxing)


Thailand’s national sport Muay Thai, is taken very seriously throughout the country and Koh Samui is no exception. With two main Stadiums, Chaweng Stadium and Phatchabuncha Stadium you can view real Muay Thai fights 2-3 nights per week. You will know of the dates well in advance as advertising with loud speakers and signage are often seen in the streets of Koh Samui. Fights will consist of Thai and International Fighters, with usually 10 fights for the evening. You can purchase tickets at the door or through most Tour desks, with the choice of VIP or Standard seats.

Big Buddha


Arguably the best known attraction in Koh Samui, The Big Buddha temple is located on a small island north of the Koh Samui Airport. A half day tour can be purchased to visit the site where you will find a 12m high Golden Buddha at Wat Phra Yai. The other option is to have a taxi take you or hire a scooter for the day. The Golden Buddha is normally the first thing you will see when arriving at Koh Samui by Air. Tip – if you are hoping to catch a true cultural experience visit in the morning when the locals come to make an offering to the temple and the Monks are chanting.

Wat Phai Laem


One of the many Temples throughout Koh Samui, Wat Phai Laem is located near the Big Buddha. This temple is newly built and features the 18 armed statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. This is a great temple to visit to get an insight to the Thai-Chinese beliefs as well as some Beautiful Buddhist-themed artwork. The temple is open to all during daylight hours, 7 days a week and becomes very lively during the many Chinese festivals, including Chinese New Years.

Mummy Monk at Wat Khunaram


This temple offers a very unique, yet unusual site into Buddhist and Thai culture. With Koh Samui’s Mummified Monk on display since his death in 1973 in the seated Mediative position. After 30 years in it’s current state the Monk’s body has very little decay but can be a frightening site for some. Thai people are very accepting of death as it is in the natural order of life. Loung Pordang (the Mummified Monk) is said to have told his followers shortly before his death that if his body were to decompose he should be cremated, but if not then he wanted to be put on display as a visual reminder of the Buddha’s teachings. This temple is located on Lamai Beach and is free to enter by all any time during daylight hours,7 days a week.

Ladyboy Cabaret Shows


As Thailand is well known for its Ladyboy population, Koh Samui is not different. With two cabaret shows on offer in Chaweng Beach you can visit the Moulin Rouge Cabaret, starting at 220B per person entry or the free Starz Cabaret. Both venues offer multiple shows per evening andbookings are recommended as seats can sell out quickly.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai


Located south of the Lamai Beach you will find some artistic looking rock formations. These rocks are nature’s way of art, Hin Ta (Grandfather) represents the Male genitalia while Hin Yai (Grandmother) represents the Female genitalia. Many people will visit and experience giggles where others may suffer embarrassment, but none the less the fascinating pile of rocks has become a very big attraction throughout Koh Samui

Na Muang Waterfall


Koh Samui is a great location with many hidden secrets. Among them are many Waterfalls to be seen, but if you just wanted to see the one, Na Muang is the one to visit.  Na Muang consist of the Two waterfalls  about 12km’s South-East from the Nathon Bay. There is a walk involved to get to the waterfalls but it is well worth it once you have arrived. Many tours will stop at the Na Muang Waterfall as it is located close to an Elephant Camp and is a great place for all the famil to take a swim and relax in one of Thailand’s Jungles

Ang Thong National Marine Parks 

Ang Thong National Marine Park is located 28km’s off the coast of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. With White-sanded beaches, Clear-blue water, Thick Jungle, Waterfalls and hidden Lakes and coves Ang Thong is another great location for Diving or just a bit more exploring. A Day trip can be organised from Koh Samui or Koh Phangan and if you wish to spend a night or two, camping and simple bungalows are available to rent. The Island also has a large variety of Animals and Sea creatures to find. Why not take a trip to one of Thailand’s most photogenic locations and with only a 100B Entry fee for Adults it will be a day to remember.

Snake Farm


Koh Samui’s Snake farm is not for the faint-hearted, with some of Asia’s most deadly snakes on display. These snakes will feature in two hour long daily shows at 11am and 2pm every day as well as daily centipede and scorpion shows. At the Snake Farm you will also have the opportunity to hold some of the less-dangerous species at the location. The farm’s Reptile Zoo houses many exotic Snakes, Crocodiles, Monitors and Mongooses and located on the west side of the island.

Koh Tao


Mainly a divers paradise but if you feel like the day away from Koh Samui, look at a day Tour to Koh Tao. Here you can Snorkelling, Scuba diving, Fishing, Kayaking or hike the island by foot. The island is very small but has some great views, clear blue waters, amazing coral and sea life and uncrowded beaches. With a many hotels to choose from you can also spend a few nights on the island exploring what the Island has on offer.

Full Moon Party


The Full Moon Party is world famous and has put Koh Phangan on the map. Many younger tourists will travel to Thailand every year to celebrate the Full moon on Haad Rin Beach. It is an extremely large party on a beach with Fluorescent paint, flame dancing, bucket cocktails, and loud modern music.  With a Full Moon Party held only once a month, it is best to plan your holiday around the Full Moon Party if you wish to attend. Accommodation can be difficult to find on Haad Rin Beach as many people book a long time in advance for this event (minimum stays apply). Otherwise a ferry can be caught the night of the Party from Surat Thani or Koh Samui and then the morning after the Party to head back.

My Full Moon Party experience – Blog Post

Warning – Do not accept/take/buy drugs at the Full Moon Party.

New Year 2015 Party Date

Tuesday 31 December 2014: New Year Party

Wednesday 01 January 2015: New Year’s Day After Party

Full Moon Party Dates 2015

Sunday 04, January

Tuesday 03, February

Thursday 05, March

Friday 03, April

Saturday 02, May

Tuesday 02, June

Tuesday 30, June

Saturday 01, August

Saturday 29, August

Sunday 27, September

Tuesday 27, October

Wednesday 25, November

Friday 25, December

Thursday 31, December

 Xmas 2015 Party Date

Thursday 25, December 2015: Christmas Party

New Year 2016 Party Date

Wednesday 31 December 2015: New Year Party

Thursday 01 January 2016: New Year’s Day After Party

*Dates may change if Buddhist Holiday’s fall on these dates

Half Moon Party – Sorry All Half moon Parties have been cancelled


The Half Moon Party is very similar to the Full Moon Party but not as big. The Half moon Party occurs a week before and a week after the Full Moon Parties and is held in the Jungle at Ban Tai, closer to Thong Sal Beach .Accommodation can be difficult to find on Thong Sala Beach as many people book a long time in advance for this event (minimum stays apply). Otherwise a ferry can be caught the night of the Party from Surat Thani or Koh Samui and then the morning after the Party to head back.

Warning – Do not accept/take/buy drugs at the Half Moon Party.