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Bangkok Nightlife

bangkok nightlife


Bangkok is well known for its lively Nightlife and Adult Sex Scene present in three Red Light Districts. Sukhumvit Rd and adjoining Soi’s is where you will find most of the Bangkok nightlife. Each soi (small side street) will have a variety of bars, beer gardens or Nightclubs to visit. Soi’s 1 through to 21 is where most of the action is. With a 15 minute walk from end to end it is not hard to explore and find what you are looking for. Soi 11 is home to most of the Nightclubs but you will find bars and beer gardens for drinking in every soi.

Beware as this is a very popular area for Bangkok Nightlife that the sex scene is very “in your face”, also while at bars you will find that girls will keep asking for you to buy them drinks… This is because that is a form of income to them. Some will be very pushy and others will wait for you to offer them a drink, there is nothing wrong in not buying them a drink, just say no and keep on enjoying yourself. For your information on special Buddhist holidays the nightlife scene will shut down to celebrate.

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Sukhumvit Nightclubs

Levels nightclub and lounge

http://www.levelsclub.com/ – This nightclub has 3 separate areas to party in. With one of the best sound systems in

Bangkok Levels will play a range of different Music genres and will bring in an International Dj from time to time. Located on Soi 11 on the 6th floor of Aloft Hotel, open between 9:00pm and 3:00am.



Climax nightclub

http://www.climaxsukhumvit11.com/ – Located under the Ambassador hotel on Soi 11 open from 8:30pm until late. 200B entry fee which includes a free drink.




a late night club for the Party animals. When all other clubs are closing Bash Nighclub is still partying. Located in Soi 11 with most other nightclubs but opening at Midnight with no official closing time. 300B entry with one drink included.



Insanity Nightclub

http://www.clubinsanitybangkok.com/ – Formally Insomnia Club. This club is very popular with tourist. Pumping loud dance and Trance music throughout the night. Open 9:00 to late with 300B entry and one free drink. Located on Soi 12 it is still very close to the rest of the Nightclub scene.



Mai Peng Disco

Mai Peng in Thai means “Not expensive” that is always a good thing when it comes to a night out. With beer and some Mixed drinks only 99B, its worth a look. With a mix of live music and dj’s and some of the hottest dancing girls Located in Soi 4 near Nana Entertainment Plaza this should be easy to find. Open 10:00pm to 6:00am with an entry fee of 200B



Titanium and Ice Bar

www.titaniumbangkok.comThis Nightclub is like have 2 clubs at the same venue. Located on Soi 22 this two storied club has the top level set as an Ice bar, and downstairs is where it all starts to heat up.




Soi Cowboy- Red Light District Go-Go Bars


Soi Cowboy is located between Sukhumvit Soi 21(Asoke) and Soi 23, running Parallel to Sukhumvit rd and can be accessed from Asoke BTS Station.  It is a place that cannot be missed. With bright neao lights from end to end you will feel like a kid in a candy store.  This small street is lined end to end with Go-Go bars. These Go-Go bars are like a Strip club with beautiful girls dancing on stages in front of you wearing very little but you will soon come to learn that you will not be paying for a private dance ;). For further information visit the Adult nightlife page.

As you walk down the Soi expect to be confronted by many girls trying to get you to their bar. Either follow them or politely say no and keep looking. I highly recommend you walk the length of the Soi before choosing a bar to visit.patpong-bangkokThe most popular Go Go bars in Soi Cowboy are Tilac, Shark Bar, Doll House, Spice Girls and Baccara. These bars have large amounts of girls working in them which will increase the chance of finding the beautiful girl you are looking for.

All bars have different methods to get customers to them. Some will have free shows on stage, Some will have Coyote dancers, some will have dancing girls on glass floors, some will be wearing very small bathing suits and others will be wearing nothing at all. But there are a few “different” bars. For example Afterskool is very much a Blowjob bar. You can go in take a seat order a drink and all at the same time be receiving a Blow job. Soi CowboyIf you are not interested in the woman or need a break you can choose one of the few Beer bars, food outlets or even the street bars which are easy going and relaxed to be at.

In my experience I have had good experiences at all places except for when I visited Sahara’s. I went with my wife and I found out the girls working there tried to lock her in the toilet and try to steal me from her… Long story short, I will not go back there. Beware in any Go-Go bar you will have girls all over you requesting lady drinks or that you take them for a Short time.


Soi Cowboy map

Soi Cowboy map



Nana Entertainment Plaza- Red Light District Go-Go Bars

Nana Entertainment Plaza also known as just NEP is located off Soi 4 on Sukhumvit Rd and closest to Nana BTS Station. Here you can find just about anything you are looking for. Beer Bars, Go Go Bars and even Ladyboy Go Go Bars. Nep is towards the start of Soi 4 on the left hand side, it should not be missed at night with all the neon lights. You can also find Russian Girls across the Road on Soi 3 but I do not know much about the Russian Sex Scene in Thailand.

NEP is a 3 levelled Entertainment Plaza with the better Go Go bars being Rainbow 1, 2 and 4, Lollipop, Angel Witch and Play School. If you are looking for the company of a Ladyboy NEP is the place for you and I am told Obsessions and Cascades have some good (non-Pushy) Ladyboys. It is very helpful to know as well that on level 3 there are a couple Short Time rooms available.


Directly across from NEP is a Freelance area in the Hotel Car park. Here is well known for Girls and Ladyboys to wait for their next customer to come past. For more information on Ladyboy’s and where to find them click here



Patpong Night market- Red Light District Go-Go Bars

Patpong is different to the other two red Light districts. It is located away from Sukhumvit Rd between Silom rd and Surawongse Road and can be accessed from Sala Daeng BTS Station. Patpong consists of Two Soi’s parallel to each other and Market stalls along Soi 1. Be careful as these markets stalls are very overpriced.


Patpong is not just for the Straight people, there is a lot available for the gay males in this area. Bangkok’s Gay nightlife area resides around Patpong area, whether it be Silom Rd, Soi 2 or 4 or Soi Twilight off Surawongse Rd

Sex showPatpong is more expensive than the other 2 Red Light Districts as it holds the best Go Go bars, has better looking women and ladyboys and it frequents other Asians tourists who are not likely to argue the price and pay whatever is requested. In saying that there is nothing wrong with bartering for a better price, it can also be a bit of fun as well. The King’s or Queen’s named Go Go bars are considered some of the best going around and have become favourites to return travellers and expats alike.
Patpong is also home to a few Blowjob Bar. These places you can take a seat, grab a drink all while you receive a Blow job from a beautiful Thai Woman, this services will generally cost you around 800B and if you like the girl you can take her for a Short time from around 1500B.

If you are interested in a Sex show, Ping pong Show, lesbian show etc Patpong is the right place for you. As you walk down the two Soi’s you will be confronted by many many Touts who will be trying to get you to come to their bar to see one of many shows available. It is recommended that you don’t go to these shows are it will cost you a lot of money. They will tell you it’s free entry but everything while inside will cost you an arm and a leg.

Patpong Map

Patpong Map