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Thai Language

thai language

thai ToiletWhen Travelling to the tourist areas of Thailand you will find that people will speak enough English for you to get by on your trip but if you would like to know some basic Thai to use while on Holiday below will be a beginners Guild to the Thai Language.

In Thailand at the end of saying a word/sentence you add the word Khup (for Male speaker) or Kha (for Female speaker)

Farang (falang) – Westerner/tourist

Sa-wat-dee – Hello

Khop Khun – Thank you

Sa-Bai-Dee Mai – How are you?

Sab-bai-dee – Good

Mai Dee – No good

Phom/Di-Chan – I (Male/Female)

Chai – Yes

Mai – No

Ow Mai – Do you want?

Ow – yes (want) 

Mai Ow – No (don’t want)

Poot Thai Dai Mai – Can you speak Thai?

Poot Ang-grit Dai Mai – Do you speak English?

Poot Cha Cha Dai Noy – Please speak slower

Mai Poot Thai – I do not speak Thai

Poot Thai Dai Nit-noy – I speak a little bit of Thai

Mai Khao Jai – I don’t understand

Khao Jai – Understand

Hong Narm you tee nai – Where is the Toilet?

Kaw Tort – Sorry

Maa-nee – Come here

Thao Rai – How Much?

Arai  – What?

Pet Mai – Is it Spicy

Pet”, “Kup”, “Chai” or “Er” – that means yes.

Mai Pet – Not Spicy

Mark – very much

Nitnoy – Little bit

Soi – Side street

Narm – Water

Gin – Eat/drink

Gin Khao Rue Yang – Have you eaten yet

Gin Leow – Eaten Already

Mai Gin – Not eaten yet

Moo – Pork, Nua – Beef, Gy – Chicken, Pedt – Duck.

If you would like to learn more visit www.thai-language.com/ for a more extensive amount of words and phrases.

Thai Language

In Thailand there are many Dialects spoken by the Thai people but Thai (or Central) Thai is the most commonly spoke language in the Country followed by Isan (spoken in North-Eastern Thailand). Isan is basically a mixture of Thai and Lao and spoken by about 20 Million people.  Then Northern and Southern Thai, spoken in the associated areas.