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This page will be dedicated to some of the Scams you may come across while on your Thailand holiday. Although these scams do exist, do not let if scare you from travelling to Thailand. If you know what you are looking for you will have a scam-free holiday.

Jet Ski/Motorbike Scam

When you are on the beach you will see many Jet Ski’s, Parasailing, Banana boat rides and other activities. Unfortunately one of the biggest scams in Thailand’s beach locations involve the Jet ski’s. A lot of the time these are owned and operated by the Thai Mafia. They will pick up someone who would appear to be a first time traveller to Jet Ski ScamThailand and set them up. They will give the unsuspected rider a damaged Jet Ski and let them ride around for their allocated time. One waved to come back it, the scam begins. The operator will point out damage on the Jet Ski and demand you pay for damages. No matter what you say or do they will continue to say you have damaged the jet ski on your ride and demand an amount of money for repairs. If you fight the accusation or refuse there is a good chance a weapon will be pulled on you or a large group or Thai men will get involved. Unfortunately the best way to avoid this is to not use them at all. This does happen and many tourists have ended up in Hospital with Physical damage. If you choose to use the Jet Ski’s beware. You have been warned.

This is also the same case when hiring a Motorbike. But when you hire a Motorcycle you must handover your passport. This way you cannot leave the country without paying. I have found the best way toget around this is to take photos of the Motorbike when you are hiring it. This is not as common as the jet Ski’s but it does happen.

The Gem Store Scam

One of the most common scams is the Thai gem scam. You will be approached by a local,  tuk tuk driver who will offer to take you on a tour around the temples of Bangkok. They will offer to do this for a very small amount of money or even for free.

You will be shown a good time and actually get to see some great looking temples but  at the end of the trip you will be taken to a local gem shop to meet the owner. The owner will tell you the gems they sell are in found in abundence in Thailand but that they are worth a great deal of money in your home country. You will be shown letters of recommendation from tourists who have bought gems and then sold them for a large profit when they got home, and you will also be given the contact details of the Gem Scamagents in your own country.

Once you arrive back home nobody wants to buy them from you and it hits you that you have been scammed and there is nothing you can do. The tuk tuk driver who took you to the shop will receive a large commisson for taking you there.

The Grand Palace Scam

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Bangkok is the Grand Palace and the surrounding  Temples. When you arrive at the Grand Grand Palce ScamPalace someone will approach you and tell you the attraction is closed for the day or it is a “Buddha Day” and only locals can enter. These people will look official and will be very convincing but just keep walking as the Grand palace is not closed and these people are just trying to get you to go to their friends Gem shop when they will try and get a commission out of you.

Taxi driver refusing to use Meter

The most economical way to travel by car is by a Metered Taxi. But if the driver refuses to turn the meter on and gives you a flat price, just walk away and find another taxi. By law the driver must use the meter There are so many Taxi’s around that you won’t be looking for long.

Tuk Tuk drop offs

If you are going to an attraction and you decide you would like to take a tuk tuk or taxi be prepared to pay more for entry. The tuk tuk drivers and the attraction operators have deals that if they bring a customer in they will get a commission from what you spend. They will also try to get you to go to their friends shop or restaurant. Again they will get a commission from being you there and you will be paying more.


Check your Change

This scam is happening frequently but often is unnoticed. When buying an object and you receive change make sure you count the change and make sure it is correct. Some salespeople will intentionally short change you and take the extra money for themselves.

Pick Pockets

Many people in Thailand will lose their phone or wallet and be unsure where they left it. This is most likely because they were pick pocketed. Many people will go out exploring the nightlife on offer while tasting the local cocktails and beers. Once intoxicated you are a prime target to have your valuables taken from you. Normally you will be distracted by one person as the 2nd person will go through your pockets or bag taking anything of worth. This is very common amongst the Ladyboy’s, As you pose for a photo with them of stumbling down the street your wallet has been taken without feeling anything.