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Food in Thailand

thailand food
seafood in ThailandA big part of Thailand is its food and when on Holiday all you want is to be able to sit down to a good meal at the end of the day.  There is a large variety of different food in Thailand available for all people. The selection of authentic Thai is vast and ranges from seafood, curry’s, soups, salads, Stir fry’s, from the grill, entrée choices, and much more.

But if you are not into Thai food there is much more for you to choose from. There are the standard McDonalds, KFC and Burger King or you can get western food is just about every restaurant. Most menus will have a selection of Thai food, Western food and so other world classic dishes.

You will also be able to find food from just about all parts of the world with many Indian, Arabic, American style, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Chinese Restaurants available.

picture of thai bbq

Thai BBQ (Mookata)

There are many ways to buy food when in Thailand; whether siting at a restaurant, eating at a small eatery down a crowded Soi, going to a Thai BBQ/Buffet (Mookata), ordering from your favourite restaurant or buying food from a street stand. It is recommended that if you have a weak stomach that you do not eat from the street food stands.

As a rule Thai food is not very very spicy unless you order Isaan food but it will have a kick to it. If you cannot eat Spicy food ask the waiter/waitress for not spicy and you will still get the great taste without the sting of the chilli. It goes both ways, if you would like it spicy tell them but be warned it my come back very hot.

Isaan food is very similar to Lao food and is very spicy and full of flavour. A few popular dishes are Laab, papaya salad (Som Tam), Sticky Rice, Tom Seap (Soup), Isaan Sausage and Gai Yung (BBQ Chicken).


Favourite Thai Dishes

There are many favourite Thai Dishes and with any luck you will have enough time to try them all. Below is a list of some of the favourites.

Tom Yum Goong – A fragrant soup full of Thai herbs and spices and fresh Thailand Prawns

tom yum goong

Pad Med Marmuang – Stir Fry Vegetables with cashew nuts

pad med mamuang

Neur Num Mum Hoy – Beer and vegetables with Oyster sauce

neau num mun hoy

Pad Thai – A Thai classic dish with think noodles, tofu, peanut ad Thai herbs and spices

pad thai

Geang Kiaw Wan (Green Curry) – a green curry with a strong ginger and coconut flavour

picture of Thai green curry

Mussaman Curry – a sweet yellow curry with peanuts and potatoes

picture of massaman curry

Geang Phet (Red Curry) – Spicy red curry with a hint of lime

red curry

Pad Grapow – normally minced meat with chilli and “Grapow Basil” served with a fried egg.

pad grapow

Tom Kar Gai Soup – a boiled chicken soup with galangal, coconut and lemon grass.

tom kha gai

Khao Pad (Fried Rice) – Thai Style friend rice with prawns.

picture of Khao Pad

Why does Thai food taste different to back home?

This is one of the most asked questions when eating Thai food in Thailand for the first time. Back home eating at a Thai restaurant you may not have been eating authentic food. The food back home has been westernised so that western people will enjoy the food as it will have flavours natural to their normal diet. So when you first try that meal in Thailand they will be surprised with the different flavours. Personally I and most people find the authentic Thai food so much better then back home and I will not even eat in most Thai restaurants back home after trying the real thing.